• Hang an “Aloha” or "Margaritaland" banner in your entryway. (Templates included with the mystery.)

  • Create palm trees to give a tropical feel to your area. (Directions included in mystery.)

  • Set the scene with a beach scene setter! These rolls of printed latex can transform a room instantly!

    Click on the images above to find out where to buy!

  • Place sand, toy crabs and fish by the front door or around your party area. (We found excellent ones here – afforable, high-quality and large.)

  • Make some directional signs to welcome your guests to the party and direct them around the party space. (Template and directions included with mystery.)

    The directional signs are editable so you can add in your own party spaces: tike bar, cabanas, beach pool, limbo area, etc!

  • Mount a few travel posters on the walls.

  • Hang garlands of homemade tissue flowers (tied along green ribbon).

  • Make your own lei garland by purchasing leis, cutting them and stringing them together.

  • Hang some paper lanterns for your party. They are inexpensive, colorful and add to the ambience.

  • Create a “Today in Margaritaland” sign with everything happening at your resort!

  • Set out bright beach apparel, such as towels, beach bags and flip flops.

  • Cover a table with green butcher paper and fray the edges to resemble a grass skirt.

  • Place fresh flower leis (or very inexpensive plastic ones) in the center of the table on their own, or have them surrounding a straw hat, coconuts, pineapples or other decor.

  • Make a table skirt by lining grass skirts around your table.

  • Float plastic or fresh flowers in water, either small bowls or a pond or pool.

  • Hang beach balls from the ceiling with fishing line. Litter the floor with beach balls as well.

  • Add some beach-like flavor by accessorizing your area with beach towels, beach balls and lawn chairs.

  • Don’t have a pool in your backyard? Use a child’s pool.

  • Don’t have a beach in your backyard? Make this fun “Beach Closed” sign – template and directions enclosed in mystery!

  • Construct a tiki hut -- instructions included in the mystery!


  • Colorful paper lanterns can make the perfect decoration AND lighting!

  • If throwing an outdoor party, don't forget the bamboo tiki torches or the citronella torch candles. Both types of torches can be used to line the pathway leading to your party or placed strategically in an outdoor location. (Tiki torches can be used indoors, if not lit.)

  • If throwing a party outside, light a fire in a fire pit.

  • If throwing your party outside, consider having white twinkly lights so as the sun goes down, your ambience will light up!


  • Use beach towels as table cloths.

  • Cover a table with green butcher paper and fray the edges to resemble a grass skirt.

  • String together grass skirts to make the perfect table skirting! (Can be found inexpensively at your local dollar store when in season.)

  • Use colorful buckets and beach pails to serve your food. Include a plastic shovel for the scooping.

  • Display fresh fruit over fresh or fake greenery such as palm fronds or calla lily leaves on the center of the table. It will make an appealing and appetizing center display.

  • Serve some of your munchies in sand pails, beach comber hats (lined with plastic wrap) or serve fresh fruit in a hollowed out pineapple or coconut shell.

  • Make a cake and decorate it with a beach pail, shovel and other plastic beach accessories. Crush up vanilla sandwich cookies to make the sand to make an appetizing centerpiece and decoration!

  • FRUIT(!) makes the perfect food AND centerpiece. Think of all the creative ways to serve and display it! (See our Pinterest page for more ideas!)

Give your guests an unforgettable souvenier by setting up a photo area where they can capture a picture of themselves in character.

A few suggestions:

    • Pick a place where there will be good lighting.

    • You can make it as elaborate or simple as you want.

    • Accessories and decorations can make the difference. Have some extra props on hand that your guests can pose with.

    • An easy way to create a background is to use a "scene setter". These affordable rolls of images transform your room instantly and make for a good backdrop to your picture.

    • Make sure there is enough room to fit everyone in to the frame.

    • For individual shots of guests, designate someone to be in charge of pictures as your guests arrive.
    o Consider your character list and which character would fit the role of taking the picture. Ie, if you want mug shots, perhaps ask the investigator to be in charge of taking the pictures.

    • For a group picture, take one just before the introduction is read or right after the solution is read (before people may start heading out).
    o These are two times when you can count on everyone being around and attentive.

BACKDROP IDEAS for the tropical theme

    • Make the palm trees included in the mystery.

    • Have everyone pose by your tiki bar!

    • Take some white banner paper and paint your own beachy background.

    • Set out some lawn chairs, drape them with bright, beach towels, sand pails, beach balls, etc.

    • Make a large banner that says “Margaritaland”.

    • Have additional props for posing in pictures (leis, beachcomber hats, sunglasses, feather boas, sun hats, wild wigs, hula skirts, coconut bras, etc.).

Click on the links below to find your party decorations!

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- You can arrow to the right or left to see more options!

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