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Coconut Joe—Owner of Margaritaland. The owner of the resort and the man to talk to when anything goes wrong.

Coconut Jane—Wife to Coconut Joe. Jane is in charge of guest relations and will go to any extent to make sure that the guests remain happy and satisfied.

Bindy Barkeep—Bar Manager. With bar sales decreasing lately, Bindy is looking for someone to blame. Will Bindy be able to keep the bar in the black… and their job?

Jack Daniels — Bartender. Known as the Casanova of the pool bar, it is hard to say whether his philandering ways will get him promoted or in trouble.

Kylie Cocktail—Cocktail Waitress.
A gold-digger at heart, her aspirations might be a little ambitious for even her to achieve.

Lifesavin' Sam—Lifeguard. Sam is supposed to be the safeguard of the resort, however, after his recent break-up with Kylie Cocktail, his actions have been doing more harm than good.

Cabana Bob—Cabana Boy. Ambitious and driven, Bob will do anything to advance his career and his love life.

BJ Baggage—Bellhop. With hopes of promotion, this bellhop is willing to help out the guests and the staff for little price if it means advancement of their career.

Tatum Tatt—Tattoo Artist. An artist and true talent. Another talent that they have is one of observation and Tatum has seen more than they are leading on.

Thurston Howard III—Millionaire. A man of money and power, Thurston will let no one take what is his or make a fool of him.

Candy Cotton—Millionaire's girlfriend. As the vivacious and young girlfriend of Thurston Howard III, she will do anything to keep the adoration (and financial security) of her beau.

Lucky Numbers—Lottery Winner.
Lucky came here to celebrate his winnings and ended up falling in love with Izzie. Now, he doesn't know how to get something he can't buy.

Starr Bright—Movie star. Tired of the limelight and paparazzi, Starr is here to recuperate and rejuvenate far, far away from a daunting public.

Agent Hollywood—Hollywood Agent. With Starr Bright's sudden rise to fame, this agent has had to work overtime to keep their client happy and Starr's career on the right track.

Sandy Beachbum—Professional Surfer. A two-time world champ, has this pro hit it big and then decided to hit the beach. Was the surfing circuit too much for him to take?

Managing Mo—Sandy Beachbum's Manager. Mo will do whatever it takes to make sure Sandy stays healthy and out of retirement.

Margie Mooner—Honeymooner.
Proof positive that keeping a secret, any secret, from the one they love can be deadly.

Mike Mooner—Honeymooner. Desperately in love with his wife, Mike is determined to make this marriage work and will do anything to keep Margie true to him.

Izzie Islander—Island Girl. Raised on the island, Izzie is a natural beauty and has a way of capturing everyone's heart except the man she wants most, Jack Daniels.

Sgt. Lord— Police officer. As the island's top crime fighter, Sgt. Lord is here as a personal favor to Coconut Joe. Before the night is through, their sleuthing skills will turn up more than a few lost dollars.



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